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The integrated suite of nociceptive tests for mice and rats

Easy to use, rotary EvF probe; with the elbows supported on the bench, the soft-start probe is brought into contact and the force applied by rotating the handles.

Hot probe: using the same rotary action the 2mm tip is brought into contact with a force of just 1g. Heating starts automatically.

Cold Probe: just like the hot probe but with a preheat to skin temperature before the cooling ramp.

three mousemet instruments with runs

All stimullii are applied automatically and the threshold recorded on removal. And all three can be used in the same mouse runs.

This vastly reduces acclimation time and stress for the mice: a big contribution to the 3Rs

"MouseMet EvF provided our behavioural endpoint to quantify tactile allodynia and its attenuation in this mouse CIN model. It is a terrific piece of instrumentation that has lead us to a novel approach for treating CIN"

Dr K Sufka

Professor of Psychology and Pharmacology

University of Mississippi

mousemet evf transducer.jpg


Topcat Metrology develops and supplies novel measurement equipment for veterinary research. The company's original product, developed twenty years ago, was a thermal threshold testing system. The product range today now includes mechanical threshold testers, remote-controlled systems (allowing completely free-ranging subjects during a test) and hand-held mechanical testers, suitable for clinical use.


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