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MouseMet Cold

MouseMet COLD is our latest development. Sucking heat out is a lot more difficult than putting it in, and requires a lot more power, but we've done it! Our COLD transducer has the same physical shape as MouseMet EvF and MouseMet HOT, it's just a bit bulkier and heavier.

Like MouseMet HOT, our COLD stimulus is:


  • Battery powered

  • Rotary in action

  • Has a 1g touch-on force to activate the stimulus

  • Has a 2mm probe tip

  • Still works with the same MouseMet runs.

mousemet HOT, COLD and EvF instruments with runs
  • Cooling rate of 2°C/sec down to 0°C

  • Optional preheat to skin temperature

  • 1g touch-on force

  • 2mm probe tip with Stirling Silver measurement arm

  • 90 second measurement interval

  • Runs off two PP3 rechargeable cells in the handles

mousemet COLD transducer
mousemet HOT and COLD probe tips
graph from mousemet COLD instrument showing preheat and temp ramp

MouseMet COLD is currently under validation at a number of test sites around the world. We expect it to be available for purchase in the second half of 2022

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