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RatMet EvF

RatMet EvF works in exactly the same way as MouseMet.

But the force range is greater (1-80g) and the probe has a larger diameter (0.5mm).

The probe is still flexible, side-to-side (like a filament) and the inherent "softness" of the force transducer absorbs any vertical hand tremor. 

3 ratmet rat runs

Like MouseMet EvF, calibration checks are still achieved using the set of weights provided with the system

The runs are scaled up versions of our MouseMet runs. They're still "one-dimensional" so the rat, after exploring, tends to sit side-on to the tester, on bars carefully space to make the rat comfortable while still allowing easy access for the probe.


And they are still adjustable for height to ensure that the tester can sit comfortably with their elbows supported on the bench.

Because everything is bigger, we also offer a mesh floor version if testers want to maintain continuity with their other environments. And, just like MouseMet, the runs are suitable for MouseMet HOT as well. 

ratmet instrument under calibration with brass weights

White K et al (2018) Mechanical nociceptive threshold (MNT) testing in rats: effects of probe tip configuration and cage floor characteristics for electronic von Frey (EvF) compared to traditional filaments (Fil). Proceedings of the AVA, Grenada March 2018, 73

white rat being tested with ratmet instrument
ratmet EvF instrument testing white rat
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