RatMet EvF

ratmet electronic von frey mousemet topcat metrologyRATMET is designed specifically for the measurement of mechanical nociceptive thresholds on rats.

THE TRANSDUCER has a force measurement range of 1-80 grams and, like MouseMet, is designed to eliminate the effects of operator hand tremor, the force being applied by twisting the black handles of the transducer, as shown above and with the paw at a convenient height. (Click here for a more detailed description of the method of operation).

THE RUN is one-dimensional, encouraging the rat to sit sideways to the operator, on bars that are spaced to provide good access and visibility to the plantar surface, and height adjustable to allow the operator to sit comfortably with their elbows supported on the bench. Runs are supplied individually and the system is available with a variety of probe tip diameters, allowing the baseline threshold to be set with headroom above and below for treatment. The runs are also suitable for use with our thermal probe, reducing acclimation time and stress for the rat as they do not have to explore a new environment for the next test (a considerable contribution to the 3Rs).

RATMET AND MOUSEMET HAVE BEEN VALIDATED against von Frey filaments and are in use around the world. Click here for the publications and validation studies.

ratmet runs from topcat metrology for pain threshold measurement with ratmet evf system