MouseMet Hot

mousemet hot transducerLESS STRESS FOR THE MOUSE or RAT: MouseMet Hot is a replacement for the Hargreaves or hot plate plantar tests. It’s a ramped stimulus that can be applied in the same mouse or rat run as the Mechanical stimulus (using filaments or EvF) and the Cold stimulus, reducing handling and acclimation time and making a significant contribution to the 3Rs.

REPEATABLE HEAT TRANSFER: The thermal probe is 2mm diameter and mounted on a similar measurement arm to a MouseMet EVF transducer. Heating is triggered when the probe is applied to the plantar surface with a force of 1g. This provides consistent thermal transfer without premature withdrawal even when allodynia is present.

INSENSITIVE TO HAND TREMOR: As with MouseMet EvF, the hot transducer eliminates the effects of operator hand tremor: the probe is flexible in the horizontal plane and can move slightly from side to side without affecting the thermal contact. In the vertical plane, the transducer can absorb small vertical deflections without changing the probe application force significantly.

topcat metrology mousemet thermal probe

AUTOMATIC PEAK HOLD: The probe heats at 2.5C/sec and at threshold the tester simply withdraws the probe. The temperature ramp and threshold temperature are then displayed on the readout and held until the reset button is pressed for the next test. There is also a thermal cut-out, factory set to 60C but adjustable by the user.

VALIDATION: The system was first trialled by the University of Queensland in 2015 where it produced baseline thresholds of 50C on mice and detected both heat allodynia (at 43C) and partial analgesia. It builds on Topcat Metrology’s 20 years experience in the field of thermal nociceptive testing on all species from rats to horses and is now extensively used around the world. Click here for the validation paper.

thermal in useEASY PLACEMENT & GOOD VISIBILITY: The probe is applied to the plantar surface by rotating the transducer body by the black handles. This is an intrinsically easy action for the operator to perform, with the elbows comfortably supported on the bench top and the mouse run at the correct height.

Mouse runs are supplied in groups of 2, 4 or 6 with a height adjustable stand. Rat runs are supplied individually. The one dimensional design encourages the rodent to sit side on to the operator, which maximises access to the plantar surface and gives the operator an excellent view of the probe tip and the paw.

THREE MODALITIES IN ONE ENVIRONMENT: Mechanical and COLD thresholds may also be measured in the same runs using the MouseMet EVF transducer or the MouseMet COLD transducer. This eliminates the acclimation time from moving to a new testing environment, thereby reducing the stress on the rodent.

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