MouseMet Cold

mousemet cold transducerMouseMet Cold is a revolutionary transducer to complete our set of nociceptive stimulii for mice and which achieves our goal of providing all three tests in the same environment, thereby reducing the acclimation time and stress for the mice. Like the mechanical and hot stimulii, MouseMet cold is a handheld transducer with a rotary action, allowing the operator to test with their elbows comfortably supported on the bench. All three stimulii are applied in the same way, by simply twisting the handles to bring the probe tip into contact, making them easy to learn. Thresholds are recorded automatically when the probe tip is withdrawn.

MouseMet cools from room or skin temperature to zero degrees C at a rate of 1.5C/sec. A preheat function is included and tests can be performed at 90 second intervals. Up to 100 tests can be performed on one pair of Li ion PP3 batteries (housed in the handles).

The measurement arm is Stirling silver to provide the best possible rate of heat transfer from the probe tip which, like MouseMet Hot, consists of a domed surface, 2mm diameter.

Like MouseMet Hot, the cold probe starts to cool when the probe tip touches the plantar surface, with a force of less than 1g, thereby minimising the number of inadvertent touch-on responses.

cold graphThe probe may be pre-heated, automatically or manually, to a preset temperature between 20C and 35C before the test. MouseMet Cold is our newest transducer and is currently under validation at a number of institutions. Early results are very encouraging and we fully expect it to be available for purchase by the middle of 2022. To register your interest or to pre-order a system for delivery later on in the year, please contact Topcat Metrology.